Picture Of Naked Harry Styles (of One Direction) Hits The Web [Photo]

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This is the day a lot of teen girls have lived for – the day Harry Styles will be seen in the buff. And yes, a picture has unexpectedly popped up on twitter of the floppy-haired One Direction lothario, seemingly butt-naked.

Strangely the pic was posted online by Harry’s cousin Matt Selley. It is a picture of Harry in a leather chair watching the Froch vs. Groves boxing match naked with his cousins.

I’m totally bummed (see what I did there? 😀 ) as to why anyone will be watching sweaty fighters while naked and surrounded by a bunch of dudes. Or maybe he is gay but then, I will assume cousins are still out of the question. Then again,  we wonder why he decided to let Matt post the picture online, but well…whatever.

Just for you {hopefully, ladies) to enjoy the picture

Harry Styles



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