Pharrell Defends Miley, Calls Her A Special Name

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Pharrell Defends Miley, Calls Her  A Special Name

The 41-year-old singer/rapper, Pharell Williams who doesn’t seem to get old, went on the Z100 Morning Show Friday said wonderful things about working with Miley Cyrus on the single, Come Get It Bae.

He even goes as far as calling her his little sister and talks nice things about womankind generally.

“First of all, Miley is my little sister and I ride forever for her, that’s number one. Number two, it’s very easy to judge when you’re watching someone basically grow, grow up in front of the world… You know, she went straight from being Hannah Montana, to the very next thing I knew when I saw her and I met her, when everyone was still calling her Hannah Montana, I was like, ‘You guys haven’t met her, you have no idea what’s in there’… Anybody that’s gone to her tour… Anyone who’s seen her tour, you’re just getting a slice of who she is, just a slice of her creativity. She is not in a box. She’s so much fun, she’s so nice.”


When asked why he named his new album G I R L, he explaned:


“I thought let me give back to the demographic that has been supporting me since the very beginning over 20 years, and that’s women. So I named my album ‘Girl’ and I capitalized all the letters and I put two spaces in between each character because I wanted it to read differently in the text and I wanted people to ask me questions like this. The reason why is because, okay there’s one side of me like, ‘Oh, her eyes, her body, ooh her curves, oh her booty!’ You know that, you know that of me. But what you don’t know is the other side is, how much I appreciate and how much I listen to women over the years and their plight… Women don’t make as much as men. I think it’s like 77 cents to a man’s dollar. That’s wrong. That needs to change. So I promised myself that I would as much as I make no apologies for how I love women in every kind of way, I really do, there are some important issues that should be addressed and I’m going to use the platform that they have given me and this opportunity to talk about these things.”



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