PayPal Finally Comes To Nigeria!

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People living in Nigeria and 9 other countires will finally be able to have PayPal accounts.

The new upgrade, which commences on Tuesday, will see Nigeria along with nine other markets in sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America will be able to make payments through PayPal.

“PayPal has been going through a period of reinvention, refreshing many of its services to make them easier to use on mobile (phones), allowing us to expand into fast-developing markets,” executive in charge of the region, Rupert Keeley said.

Once the services go live, customers in the 10 countries with access to the Web and a bank card authorized for Internet transactions will be able to register for a PayPal account and make payments to millions of sites worldwide.



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  1. Paypal labelled us criminals for so long. Now, after watching the recent growth into billions of USD in the Nigerian online market, they suddenly developed interest and now want to look past our criminality. We dont need them here. Nigerians have already stood up to fill in the gap, they are not better than Quickteller, CashEnvoy, VoguePay, SimplePay and all those great Nigerian processors that serviced our businesses when they left us to die out.
    Paypal is not welcome for all I care…

    1. No, we do not need Paypal in Nigeria. We have been served faithfully by local gateway providers e.g. Eyowo, Voguepay, CashEnvoy, SimplePay etc, all this while. Why has Paypal suddenly woken up to ‘allow us spend our money’ abroad? Capital Flight I say! We have survived and we will survive without Paypal. – my comment is addressed to merchants mostly, not consumers.

    2. @Eddie I understand your pain. However, I feel you speak with too much rage within. Don’t forget that an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind, and I’m sure you too will stand to gain (either as a merchant or consumer) from this development if only you embrace it because, let’s face it, PayPal is the worlds largest payment processor.

      Welcome to Nigeria, Paypal.

  2. Everyone who does a lot of web transactions eventually needs Paypal so shut the f*ck up and get over your village-headmaster bullsh*t

  3. So, yeah. Welcome aboard, Paypal! Punk muthafvckas, what took y’all so long? Y’all muhfvckas working today?

  4. If you are a real online business person you will not be totaly happy with this paypal of a thing. Please let them know that we have become a force to be recon with. They can not be allowing us to spend money and not be able to collect. It is bad for our economy.

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