Passenger Arrested At Cuba Airport With 66 Tiny Birds Sewn Into His Trousers

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A man has been arrested in Cuba for attempting to board a flight to America with 66 birds sewn inside his trousers. The ‘birdman’ was seized at Ignacio Agramonte International Airport in the Cuban city of Camaguay and was picked up because of the suspicious bulges in his trousers.

After the man was stopped by customs, he claimed that he was only getting the pigeons as a gift for his grandson. But after he was forced to remove his trousers, the officers found dozens of ‘frightened little finches and hummingbirds’ and some of the birds had their beaks sealed.

All the birds were rare species and had probably been stolen to order for the equivalent of thousands of pounds, police said.


Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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