No One Kares Again: ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Continues To Drop In The Ratings

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The end seems to be near for long-running E! show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as they can’t manage to keep their ratings up.

Numbers for the kickoff of the second half of the show’s ninth season were down following last week’s new episode, leading veteran showbiz blogger Nikki Finke to proclaim, “The Kardashians are krashing.”

The second half of the ninth season of KUWTK debuted on June 8 with an episode called “Let It Go,” but it definitely didn’t channel the popularity of the mega blockbuster Frozen, with only 1.1 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic, even with Kourtney’s latest baby news.

Last year at this time, Season 8 of the show kicked off with footage of Kim Kardashian finding out the sex of her baby with rapper Kanye West, and the show enjoyed a baby-related ratings bump. That episode, “We’re Having a Baby,” garnered 3 million overall viewers, but the ratings for the series steadily declined.

By October, the once huge E! show had slipped to 1.8 million viewers overall (and 1 million viewers for 18-49 demographic) for the “Baby Shower Blues” episode, and the season average fell to 2.3 million viewers.



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  1. I cannot believe you people call this “journalism”. The first two episodes for this season are decent. Not great, but could be much worse. About 2.2 million viewers, still E!’s highest-rated show. Why on Earth would the people at E! cancel their biggest program? That would be stupid, wouldn’t it? Personally, I doubt they’ve even discussed cancelling the show. The media likes to push the negativity when it comes to celebrities they hate. When Oprah’s ratings went down, where were you people? The media doing what it does best, causing drama that isn’t there.

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