Nikolai Talks 3: I Want Your Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and More…

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I Want Your Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and More

Wow… It’s 2014 and ladies are still stingy with telling others where they got their extensions from and how much it costs? Na so?? Ahh! Some of you might laugh as you read this, while some may simply ignore this post due to personal reasons. I’m not judging, because I will still express my opinions. I have natural hair, but prefer to wear protective styles e.g. sew-ins, wigs etc. as I have realized my hair grows quicker with these methods. I enjoy switching up my hairstyles frequently as I am able channel my various alter egos (lol… but true). You will be surprised at how many different people I can be in two months (Chiaka, Nafisat, Tosan etc.)

Moving on, I constantly get stopped and asked various questions about my hair. “Where is this hair from?” “How did you get it colored like that?” “Who did it for you?” “How much did it cost?” I openly discuss these topics with others because I know there is nothing I am hiding. If you ask, I will simply answer. Apparently, a lot of ladies disagree with this. They would rather not share such information by ignoring or rudely answering others. Some of the common answers people receive include, “I have no idea” “I didn’t buy it” “For some reason, I can’t remember”. Abeg quit it! Take for example; you see a stranger wearing a gorgeous top and you ask her where she bought it from. Would you like it if she gave you a dirty eye or told you she just saw it in her closet? Of course you wouldn’t! I can tell you as one who purchases higher quality hair; you seriously can’t forget your vendor or pricing just like that. Making such expensive purchases require commitment and dedication. Maybe if you continuously buy or review hair, there will be an exception as to how you might not remember.

Now, I will give you a scenario from my personal experience. There was this lady I saw a couple weeks ago in a shoe store. She had medium length turquoise hair and it looked so “bucci” (meaning awesome, cool)! I thought I was familiar with the particular hair dye she used, so I asked her about it. “Hi! Did you use the Adore turquoise dye on your hair?” She looked at me like I was crazy and only said “Yes” in an aggressive manner. I also wanted to ask her where she got her hair from, but the look in her red flaming eyes told me enough. I said to myself “I refuse to be killed due to simple hair question” and power walked away. I don’t know why some ladies think the battle line has been drawn when being questioned about their hair. I know some times you might think it feels like an interrogation, but people asking such questions are generally really excited! You should be happy that someone wants to mimic your style. I personally feel as though my day gets better when I receive compliments (especially about my hair #duh?!). How do you think Kim Kardashian felt when everybody started contouring for her signature chiseled look? I honestly don’t know, but as I watch You Tube makeup tutorials her name is constantly mentioned, giving her due recognition.

All I’m saying is, to those of you out there who can identify with this behavior, take it easy. No one is fist fighting you! Stop giving those bullshit answers that no one wants to hear. If it has come to the point when you don’t want to offer your service then please don’t offer it. Just tell the person asking you questions that you are not comfortable with giving such information and look away. We all must respect that. Maintain your dignity and just walk away.

I was even laughing as I read this over. Lol! By the way, can someone tell me what “doro” means abeg? I have searching everywhere for an answer. With all this hype, I want to understand what exactly I have been singing.

Nikolai Obee

Nikolai Obee

Nikolai Obee (a.k.a Ms. Don't Use Me For Example) has a highly exuberant, but yet quirky personality. She’s a free spirit at heart and is constantly looking to broaden her horizons. She’s always open to others viewpoints and is an insightful listener, but never hesitant to speak her mind. Nikolai’s the typical girl next door, just with an animated twist! Follow her on Instagram @NikolaiObee Follow her blog

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