Nicki Minaj Jumped Into Drake’s Arms Onstage Right In Front of Rihanna

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The Hot 97 Summer Jam yesterday  is probably the most awkward one ever. 5o Cent took the stage for the first time since his ban 10 years ago and then at a point, his mic was cut off and then the reunion of G-unit who might still hate each other.

However, things took a turn when Nicki Minaj was done with her performance and she introduced the next performer saying; “It’s a n***a in Young Money I don’t f*** with no more — Drake. I used to love you, but I don’t love you no more.” The crowd was dead silent until Drake hit the stage, cheers erupted, and he went into a performance of “Worst Behavior” — and then Nicki jumped into his arms! ____ And Rihanna looked on.

Then Later on instagram, Nicki shared a pic of her jumping into his arms , with the caption: “Y’all gotta chill. Lol this my brother.” I wonder how many people get this close to their brothers #justsaying

Drake might have just landed the UKWU!




And then Rihanna and Nicki posted this picture of themselves to make everyone know they are in good terms.. There’s only one smile in the picture though

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