Nasir El-Rufai Comes Under Fire For Sending His Daughter Abroad For Studies

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Former FCT minister Nasir El-Rufai was blasted by Nigerians for sending his daughter to  a foreign university.

El-Rufai had posted a picture from his daughter’s graduation, with the caption “Another daughter graduates with a good honours degree……congratulations Kheria…..”

People however criticized him for sending his daughter to school abroad when they felt he could have done something about it when he was a stronghold in the Obasanjo regime.

Are these comments merited? Check some of them out below.

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  1. When El rufai was the FCT minister, he demolished poor people homes and sold off their houses and now, using this so called money 2 sponsor his children sch abroad. And now, he speaks in Nigeria like a saint. I personally get angry when ppl like el rufai talks in Nigeria, universities r no longer on a normal sch calender, Asup is on strike, colleges and some other schs fees is huge D̶̲̥̅̊α̲̅†̥’ even the middle classes can’t even afford let alone the poor. Infact, remember, one day we all, whether we like it or not, whether we serve God in truth or in Spirit, we shall all die one day 2 give account 2 almighty GOD.

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