Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde: Meet the Hawt Couple That Stole Miley’s Ride

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Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde: Meet the Hawt Couple That Stole Miley’s Ride

The burglars who stole Miley Cyrus‘ Maserati and her jewelry are for one, hot! And two, a couple just like the legendary Bonnie and Clyde.

The guy is Tylor Scott and he’s just 19years old and the girl is Naomi Charles who is 21years old. They were both arrested on Thursday for the break-in at Miley’s house last weekend.

It is learned that Tylor could be the mastermind. According to police records, he is presently facing burglary charges in Arizona, and the crime is car theft.  He told the cops the cafr was stolen “for the thrill of it”

He later crashed the ride and ditched it on a Simi Valley street almost immediately after taking it.
A few days later, after arguing with his mom, he stole another car, drove it around for a of couple days until he couldn’t use it again and then he abandoned it in a 99 Cent Store parking lot.

Last year, December, he was arrested after stealing a Mercedes CLK near the University of Arizona.  Police report held that a month before he had walked into an open garage, picked the keys he saw hanging from the wall and ran off with it
Doctors say he has a drug problem. Scott didn’t shpw up for court so there was already a warrant out for his arrest before he broke into Miley’s.
His girlfriend, Naomi Charles is a vegan fitness model who lives in Los Angeles.
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