Meet The New Type Of Condom That Will Revolutionize Sex

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There is a new condom technology that is set to change the way safe sex is had. The Galactic Cap claims to be a condom men will want to wear and their partners will love – a better alternative, that will increase condom use and promote healthier sex. Galactic Cap

The Galactic Cap is exactly a cap that covers the uppermost part of the glans penis, held in place by means of an adhesive strip. This leaves the coronal ridge and entire shaft exposed for increased pleasurable sensations.

The adhesive strip, which can be applied well in advance, does not cover the urinary opening.

Wearing The cap

Company founder and designer Charles Powell says the reservoir of the Galactic Cap is thicker and tougher than that of traditional condoms, reducing the potential for breakage.

According to the CDC, the traditional male condom has a typical-use failure rate of 18 percent.

Powell became inspired to remodel the prophylactic when he lost a close friend to AIDS. On his Indiegogo campaign page, he cites a broad distaste for traditional condoms amongst both men and women. He hopes that his product will reduce the spread of STIs while providing a nearly natural sensation.

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