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love at first click


So you have attended a good number of family weddings and events, dressed to kill with the hope of finding him somewhere in the church or at the reception venue, you have attended almost all the singles meetings in all those churches that talk endlessly about dating and relationship, and you’ve even tried your luck in a club trying to dance with that hot guy at the bar. Basically, you’ve gone the extra mile to hook up with someone be it Mr. Right, or Mr. Left who could then be dragged to the RIGHT afterwards. But, I tell you, finding a partner might seem a hard thing but other fun ways have surfaced, thanks to the internet and social media; and whether we admit it or not, relationships have started online and they made it to ‘happily-ever-afters’ in the real world.

Though some people consider it ‘creepy’ and even ‘unsafe’, meeting people online is one of the cheapest ways of making a choice out of many available options at a time because the World Wide Web comes with a wide range of choices. If you attend a programme or an event where there are lots of young people, you would appear weird if you had to go peer into everyone’s faces to see what they look like and check out their shapes and sizes; but in one night, you can go through so many profiles and pictures of several people on several social media platforms or dating sites available free of charge on the internet. But as it is with everything in life, anything that has its good side will surely have its bad side; recently there had been lot of stories of how people were defrauded, kidnapped and even murdered through online connection or relationship, but there are also stories about people who met online, started talking online, progressed to dating and now married in real life. So, the question that should be asked is, how do we make online dating work for us? How do we go about falling in love at first click?

Develop The Right Attitude:

I know so many people who still hold on the opinion that there are no real people on the internet, there are only fraudsters and fake people. But to them I always say, if you think every other person on the internet is bad, then maybe you are bad too, because there is no way you will be the only normal person and everybody else will just be aliens. So, explore new possibilities and be open to the fact that real men and women do exist on the Internet as elsewhere, same goes for bad guys and bad ladies, they are abound on the internet and also in our various places of worship. So, let’s say dating sites are like goldmines, all you have to do is dig deep to find that real person, it’s not rocket science.

Be The Kind Of Person You’d Like To Meet:

This has a lot to do with the personality you project with your profile name, handles, avatar, profile picture, your posts, tweets, and the rest. The truth is you cannot have your profile picture or avatar looking like a porn video poster, and yet you are thinking some responsible real dude out there will connect with you. You cannot be tweeting vulgarity and tweeting nude picture and not expect dudes to send unprintable things in your inbox or DM. if your profile has the right amount of information about you; and your posts, updates and tweets are sensible, it can go a long way in reflecting your personality which people can fall in love with before they even start communicating with you. If your updates, avatar, profile pictures and tweets seem or look irresponsible, trust me the people who would request for hook ups will be irresponsible too.

Discover Your Interests:

Be it George Clooney, RMD, Kim K West or Bey, all of us have a fixation for the good things in life. So, invariably you’d want to meet someone who shares a similar taste in music, art, cinema, writing, role models, or any other aspect of life, and the internet and social media could be a great platform to find like-minded people, those who can appreciate your interests and have the kind of passion that can guarantee an instant connection. So, while online, be fun, upbeat and stay interesting, you can never know if you and your potential date with similar interests will get hooked.

Be Flexible:

Should every hook-up always end in dating and/or marriage? Whatever happened to just interesting hook-ups, and plain old fun? Making friends online doesn’t have to be about hunting down the man or woman of your dreams; it can also be about meeting new people, genuine business partners and making great connections; don’t see everyone who says ‘hello’ to you online as a potential “P-setter”. So, if you are part of the people who have “#TeamNoDM” in their twitter bio, and you are single, you might want to think again. You just might be missing out on meeting a good friend, a helper or even a great spouse.



Christopher Bamidele

Christopher Bamidele

Chris Bamidele is a passionate and unapologetic Nigerian; an amateur writer and aspiring TV director who holds a first degree in Mass Communication, but majored in Radio and TV Broadcasting. He is cool headed, a realist, and an optimist to the core. Chris Bamidele blogs African stories on and tweets @degreatest2. He currently lives in Lagos.


  1. Iyke, you can get it, be more social and more expressive especially on social media, you will make some friends, and who knows who you might meet and what might happen after meeting them

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