Kim Kardashian’s Odd $20 Birthday Gift To Kanye West

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What do you buy for man who has everything? Kanye West has a beautiful wife and baby; luxury cars and a multi-million dollar house. Kim probably felt it was time to try out smaller gifts and that was why she bought him something worth only $20!

Kim bought her hubby My Monopoly. The Hasbro product, isn’t in stores until August but will allow buyers to customize the product by making their own cards, create game pieces and name their own properties.

Being a Kardashian, she put her own personal touches into the personalized gift.

A source revealed that that Kim replaced Park Avenue with the Palace of Versailles, where Kim and Kanye held their rehearsal dinner. Also, Kim replaced the Broadway space with Italy’s Fort Belvedere, where the couple got married on May 24. How romantic!


Sylvia Eneghalu

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