Justin Bieber Responsible for Rita Ora’s Breakup with Her Boyfriend?

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Justin Beiber Responsible for Rita Ora’s Breakup with Her Boyfriend?

Rita and Calvin

According to gist, Justin Bieber and Rita Ora got “smoochy” with each other during their recording sessions together in the studio over the last few months. This might have been responsible for Rita’s breakup with boyfriend, DJ Harris Calivn. It is rumored that Calvin heard Rita was affectionate with Justin—she would sit on his lap and he would rub her back, etc.

checkout this tweet from Justin in January



Justin was in Mexico in the last few days and RIta was there as well. Coincidence?

Calvin wasn’t dullng on his side as he was seen quite a good number of women last weekend.

He has already moved Rita’s things out of the house.

This is not the first time Rita hs gotten herself in the mess.Not long ago,  Rob Kardashian, after breaking up with her went to Twitter to rant that she was cheating on him with several other guys. Rita responded that she never was dating Rob.




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