Jonathan responsible for the Mayhem in Kano – Kwankwaso

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Kano State Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of “causing crisis” that followed the appointment of a former Central Bank of Nigeria governor, Mallam Lamido Sanusi, as the Emir of Kano.

Kwankwaso said it was worrisome that Jonathan was meddling in the affair of the state, adding that he (Jonathan) had   no business with Sanusi’s appointment.

Writing on his Twitter page on Wednesday, the governor said his government followed the same process which his counterpart in Gombe State, Ibrahim Dankwambo, used in   appointing the Emir of Gombe.

He therefore wondered why the President was   stoking crisis in the state and accused him   of plotting an “agenda which is not good for this country.”

The governor said it was a known fact that the Jonathan administration had enough security challenges which it should focus its attention on.

He specifically advised the President to   find the over 200 schoolgirls abducted on April 14 instead of   sending policemen to   lay siege to the emir’s palace.

The message on   Kwankwaso’s Twitter page was also posted on the page of his Director of Press and Public Relations, Baba Dantiye.

The governor, who granted interviews to some media houses, said   he was elated that nobody had so far questioned Sanusi’s eligibility or the fact that “he is also royally blooded.”

He said, “Mr. President doesn’t seem to know where his power starts and where it stops. The appointment of an emir is purely a state affair. I am happy to say that nobody has questioned the eligibility of the new emir.

“They did not even fault or question the process. We are happy because he is well educated and exposed both nationally and internationally. What business has the Federal Government with the appointment of the Emir of Kano.

“If there is Emir of Nigeria, let him go and appoint him. My feeling is that they have more than enough security problems, especially finding the Chibok girls than sending police to go and block the Emir of Kano’s palace just because of Sanusi.”

Arguing that the President had been instructing his “supporters and stooges” to unleash mayhem on the state, he lamented that the protesters had begun destroying government property.

He added that Jonathan should be held responsible if attempts were made on his life.

“I have told my friends, and people of Kano, other Nigerians and indeed the international community to hold Jonathan responsible for whatever happens to Kwankwaso, his family or even the people of Kano State,” the governor added.



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  1. That is a big lie, Kwankwanso, you are responsible for the unrest in Kano. when you saw a man who has questionable character and you made him an Emir against the wish of the people what you have done is to ignite riot. because the people expected some one who is credible but you imposed your own candidate on the people. it shows the level of corruption and mischef going on in the Kano and the president have decided to make a move to salvage the state. Stop lying on Jonathan

  2. You are the problem of Kano Kwankwa so, you having been playing partisan politics. You don’t care about the people, you only care about your own pocket and agenda. stop lying the riot going on in Kano is as a result of you not acceding to the desires of the people.

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