Jhene Aiko Steals Nigerian Hearts By Tweeting In Yoruba

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American R&B sensation Jhene Aiko who was a featured on Drake’s latest album is African American, Japanese, German Jewish, Spanish, Afro-Dominican, French, and Native American (Yaqui, Cherokee, Navajo, Choctaw) by ethnicity.

The singer showed off her African heritage by tweeting in Yoruba Language. She tweeted “Kuroni’waju mi” which means, “Leave my front/face”, in English.

She then asked if she said it right. Well, she did.



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  1. She said it right but ruined it by referring to our Yoruba language as “shit” or was that all you, A-Maz?

  2. Morning.
    She said it right but shouldn’t have referred to the language as “shit” or was that all you, A-Mazv

  3. She didnt mean it how u think….listen to her song “you vs them” I think she meant it in that context

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