Inspire Series Webisode 4: Finding Potential in My Future Partner by Glory Edozien for

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Marry a man with potential. If you are a single girl, chances are you’ve heard this piece of wisdom repeated time and time again. But how do you differentiate between a man who has potential and a man who hasn’t?  What traits do these potential carriers have in common? What does it even mean to be a man with potential? Well armed with these questions, I decided to invite some men on the inspire set! Wale Adetula and Noble Igwe, both no strangers to the usual relationship dynamics and etiquette. Ensuring that balance remained ever present on the set is the beautiful and multi talented actress Ufoma Ejenogbor.

I especially enjoyed the taping of this women talk segment of the Inspire Series. My guests were not only completely open and honest, but I learnt a few things. One, potential is the ability to succeed. Therefore it is essential for any woman or man to define what they term as ‘success’. Two, let your personal definition guide your choice as you search for a mate and don’t be persuaded to settle.

Hope you enjoy watching too….do you agree with my guests definition of potential? What did you learn? Drop me a line on or at
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