InkSpression: Churches Should Set Dress Code for Their Members

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I was in church one sunday when this girl walked in. This girl practically stopped the service; literally. She had on a pretty white blouse which covered her chest properly, a see through jacket that made the blouse looked like it was made for a goddess. She had on this really cute skirt but short that showed off mile long legs made even more tasteful with the heels she had on. Even as a girl, I was lost for a while; I could not just take my eyes off the gorgeous diva that just entered the church. When I recovered from the trance the girl’s legs had put me in, I found some guys staring at those legs till she sat and they could not turn their heads anymore.


Shortly afterwards, another girl came in with something short but not as daunting. The heels of her shoes were something else entirely though. They kept making the “kon-kon-ka” noise and although the girl tried to walk silently, the heels would not budge; they wanted to announce her to the whole congregation. Sincerely, these girls made heads turn and almost disrupted the pastor’s sermon. Even as we danced and gave our offerings, people would not stop staring at the yummy legs; I could not stop myself too as she sat right in front of me. There and then, I started thinking of the distractions clothes could cause, not just in church but everywhere.


Girls come to church looking all dolled up and tasteful enough to eat and then cause some brothers and sisters to lose concentration. Some brothers come into church and you forget there is a man standing on the podium, preaching the word of God. I’ve once seen a very handsome man looking dapper in suit with haircut that made him look almost unreal. I remember fantasising about the guy till the service finished and afterwards too (don’t judge a sister, fine men in suit make the butterflies in my tummy jump up for joy).


I know many people will be like “it’s not our fault that we are fine now or that we look good” but help weak sisters (like me) or brothers who can’t keep their eyes off things that promise to taste better than the finest wine ever made. Weak brethren who drool over fine things no matter where they are. Don’t criticise me o, I’m only fighting for the redemption of my soul. I don’t want to perish in the lake of fire at the end of time just because one fine brother distracted me from listening to the world of salvation.


How terrible will it be if that brother ends up in heaven and I, in hell? I don’t want to be like that rich man in the bible that had to beg Lazarus to go and warn his brothers, nah, I reject it. So, I’m kinda writing this to warn myself off those good things that come in human form or pleading for churches to start choosing dress codes for their congregation. I’ve tried closing my eyes but it won’t work. In fact, they become intense with my eyes closed (I imagine things that I should not even be thought of in the four walls of a holy place).


I know I’m not alone. I’ve heard of tales of people getting hard-ons or wet from staring especially when a sister decides church is the best place to shake the “future” the Lord has blessed her with. If you don’t get turned on or lost at the sight, I know you will be in the category of people that get disgusted or beef the new shoe the person sitting beside you is wearing.


Help us, pastors, help us. Before a guy whips out his “kini” in front of people and relieve himself (I know it will be hard for girls to remove their pants and do this). But if this happens, who will they blame? The boy/girl for not having self control, the “brethren” tempting us with their goodies or… I won’t say the third one as I won’t blame the men of God for allowing temptresses and adonis enter churches. What of the ushers for not having scarves to help these people cover up? Yes or No?

Alice Temitope Dako

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