How To Wear Crop(ped)Tops

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It is summer, and everyone has whipped their cropped tops out of their closets. Here are a few tips on how to style your cropped tops.


1)Pair It With A High Waisted  Maxi Skirt: A flowy, high-waisted maxi skirt is a super stylish way to mask any midsection insecurities. It’s important to remember that it is possible to pull off a crop top, while never showing an inch of tummy.

2)Detailed Distractions: Wearing Shorts with a bow, or basically just adding a really nice belt to your outfit will help draw the attention away from your mid-section area.

3)You can never go wrong with skinnies/Baggy pants/Skater Skirts/Pencil Skirt

4)Finish off your look with a blazer, or a sweater: If you are really not comfortable with showing bits of your tummy, you could finish off your look with a blazer or a sweater.

Footwear: The beauty of cropped tops is, it can be paired with literally any type of shoes. Ranging from your stilettos, to your sneakers, flats, sandals, court shoes. Basically any type of footwear would look good if paired properly with your cropped top.

Cropped tops look great with all sorts of shoes.

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