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how to propose to your man


Because we are a very conservative society and we (stubbornly) stick to ancient traditions and rules, a woman proposing to a man still sounds very alien to us. But, Hey! Things are changing, walking around naked is now legal in some cities in the world, gay marriage is legal in most advanced countries and it is so allowed that if you are caught making any homophobic comment, you can kiss your career goodbye and risk being hated for the rest of your life (Ask Isaiah Washington and that guy from Duck dynasty), Rihanna walking the red carpet naked in that thing that looks like someone’s scarf is seen as artistic and beautiful (I really don’t get why walking naked in that thing came across as beautiful but hey! Things are reeeaally changing!) and Boko Haram now has endless access to free internet and no service provider/intelligence agency can trace where their videos are made or at least get some idea on how it was possible for them to upload videos and with what network.

If all the aforementioned things can happen, then why in God’s name can’t something as simple as a woman popping the question to the man she loves, happen? Besides, men have been doing this for ages, a woman can try this for once, you know, get on bended knees, grab the ring and… okay maybe not that way but any of the ways mentioned below can be considered while thinking of proposing to your man.

Think of something he has always wanted to do but has never been able to do

Sometimes, men want to do a lot of exciting things and experience something different but between trying to make money and trying to build a solid future, they never have the time to do any of these things.

When thinking of proposing to your man, you can take him to someplace you know he has always wanted to be or do something for him that you know he has always wanted to do. While in that very happy mood, you can go ahead and remind him of why it is time for you both to take the big step and step into the next phase of your lives together.

Cook him his fave meal

You know what they say about the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Take your time to cook his favorite meal and serve him in a special way, while making sure you don’t look to bad yourself. Let him feel special, let him taste the sweetness of your hands and see the woman he will miss if he doesn’t commit into a future with you.  Then take the big step and propose.

Indulge him in his favorite pastime

What does he love doing the most? You know, that thing he does that makes him feel like a little boy once again? The one thing that you know he loves to do asides spending the whole day with you? Indulge him in that one thing and try to be a part of it. Let him see that you support everything about him, even his hobbies and then prepare the moment for the big question.

Find out how he feels about women popping the question.

You see, as much as all like to believe we are so immersed in the Pop culture and the twenty first century way of life, sometimes, we are not all that into a few part of the culture.

Find out his thoughts on a few topics, including how he feels about a woman proposing to a man. His answer will guide you and help decide what your next line of action would be.


Proposing to someone is (and will always be) a huge risk, because as much as we are sure the other person wants to spend the rest of their lives with us, they might not be ready yet. When we propose and the other party is not ready, we might be crushed, very embarrassed and heartbroken. So find out what this person wants from you long term, is there a wedding in the picture? Kids? A real future? If none of these things feature, then maybe what you should be proposing to do, is getting out fast!







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