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These things are usually easy to know if only we pay enough attention to the signs, but truth is most times, we are not paying so much attention to what is happening around us because of a whole lot of other important reasons.

It is fine to be occupied with how to make money, how to rule the world and how to safeguard your future.

However, if you suffer a heartbreak in the middle of these things, you are likely to have a breakdown that will affect all those things you were busy with in the first place.

Here is how to know that your relationship is one sided and that you have to either fix it or leave it.

-You never do anything together: Whether you have been dating for six minutes or six years, couples always want to do things together. Always. From going to the cinema together, to sitting at home to watch movies on the TV while you eat whatever it is you have chosen to eat, couples always want to be together. At least real couples. The second you realize these moments are rare and that they never come up until you mention them to your spouse, then maybe they don’t see themselves in a relationship at all.

-You always initiate communication: and even when you do initiate communication, it ends before it starts. When you call, he or she never picks and when he eventually picks the call is all of thirty seconds. When you send text messages, he or she never replies even when they have seen it until you call several hours later to ask if they did. The moment your spouse isn’t eager to talk to you, then know something is awfully wrong. It is either you are alone in this relationship or he or she is going through something really serious. Whatever the case may be, find out and fix it.

-He or she is never there for you: The best thing about a relationship, is the thrill and the amazing feeling of having a partner on your team. Someone who will always be there for you, who will always root for you and who will be team you no matter the weather. If your boo disappears whenever there is a problem or scurries away faster than a rat  when you have issues that are overwhelming, then you know what they say… maybe what you have isn’t a boo, maybe it is an Oloriburuku.

-You are never their number one (two or three or even fourth) priority: I don’t know the point of being with someone if whenever you need them you rank thirty in the number of things they need to attend to. If he or she cannot be the person who you can always bank on to drop whatever and run to your side to help you, then that is a relationship that isn’t fair on you.

Sometimes we have issues we need the whole Avengers team to fix but unfortunately, not all of us can date Iron man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow or Captain America. What usually happens in this situation is that we need someone who cares, who loves us and who necessarily doesn’t have the solution to the problem to be by us, you know, just to hold our hands and reassure us of the fact that we are not lonely.

If you are in a relationship where you always feel alone and worse, you are always there for this person, then either fix it (by communicating your concerns to the other party) or leave it (by breaking up and walking far away from this person).



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