He Likes Them Small: Donald Trump Says Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Lopez’s Butts Are Too Big!

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Well it is very clear that Donald Trump prefers money to big butts.

The billionaire revealed on the Howard Stern Show that he felt both Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez had butts that were way too big, and was not interested in having sex with any of them.

“Well, absolutely. It’s record-setting,” Trump said when asked if he felt Kim’s butt is too big. “In the old days, they’d say she has a bad body.”

He also agreed that Jennifer was suffering from the same affliction, but added that both women were “very nice” to him and that he didn’t want to be “negative” to them.

But when asked point-blank who he would rather have sex with, Trump was clear: “I’d pass on both of them.”



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