For The Love of His Feet

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You know the saying about diamonds being every girl’s best friend? Well, shoes should be every ideal man’s best friend. I know you are thinking “I’m a guy, people don’t notice these things about us, all they want to see is the tight suit, the pretty tie and the fine face”. Shocker, you are obviously wrong. When I meet a guy, the first thing I check out in him are his shoes. I have a thing for men’s shoes and what better place to see them up close than the feet of the man standing next to me.


If I look at a man (especially my date) and his shoes are ugly and unpolished, I instantly lose whatever interest I had in him. I see shoes as an expression of every man’s soul. What you wear on your feet and how you wear them reveal a lot about you. I see good shoes to men like a piece of lingerie to women; makes you feel as if you have it all together and you can take on the world.


Men’s shoes are awesome piece of fashion and their importance can never be emphasised enough. There are numerous styles of shoes out there for men; ranging from sneakers, boots, loafers, to hand crafted leather shoes, in different colours and designs that you have so many options to choose from. They are often so many kinds of men shoes out there that you may become obsessed with getting the latest and the coolest of these shoes.


The beauty of men’s shoes is that you don’t need to buy a truck load of shoes, you can do perfectly by just sticking with a few. You just have to invest in a handful of sensible and stylish pairs and take care of them, you’ll be set for years. Unlike the feminine shoes that easily go out of style, men’s shoes take a while to become old school.


Shop for shoes that are organic and not synthetic. Make sure the soles are stitched to the shoes and never glued. Buy shoes that have soles that are replaceable; rubber soled shoes are very good shoes to invest in. These are qualities of a shoe that’s going to last. You don’t have to spend heavy cash on a piece of good shoes, just recognise the brand that serves the best. You can invest in johnston and murphy, Allen Edmonds and even in Aldo.


For those who can spend extra cash for the of love shoes, invest in Sparco di Bianco, Edward Green, Corthays and Italian dress shoes. For trendy sneakers, sandals and slippers, Giuseppe Zanotti, Gucci, christian Louboutin and Air Jordan have my heart. If you can’t afford these lovely designer shoes, you can always have a shoe maker you trust around you make some shoes and slippers for you. I know some local shoe makers that make even better stuff than these international designers.


Learn to walk in your shoes. Don’t always lean on them while walking; they make the soles wear out on time. Get rid of shoe stench by spreading your shoes out in the sun, interchanging your shoes every now and then, get feet deodorant that will help your feet fresh and smelling nice always. You can also make your shoe smell good by deodorizing with baking soda. Sprinkle a bit into your shoes every night when you take them off and in the morning before you wear them, take them out and clap the soles together to get rid of excess powder. You can also use cedar insoles or chips. The insoles will stay in your shoes while the chips would be inserted in the morning and taken out at night. The cedar chips and insoles are good because they have anti-fugal properties. They can also be used to deodorize clothes.


As funny as this may sound, freezing your shoes actually help to put out the smell. Put the shoes in a freezer-sealable plastic bags and put them in the freezer overnight. The cold would kill any bacteria or fungus causing the odour. Give your shoes a thorough bath if they are washable. Use detergent and make sure you wash every part  of the shoes including the insoles. Dry them properly and let all parts be really dry before you wear them again. Putting baby powder on your feet before wearing your socks also prevent your feet from sweating and causing the shoes to be damp. Make sure the socks are running socks as they apply wicking technology to them that keeps the feet dry.


Alternate shoes. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for more than two days in a row. Clean your legs if they are wet before wearing your shoes. You can try putting orange peels in your shoes or tea bags, they are known to also help prevent shoe smell. Wear shoes that fit and not those that are too tight and when you are shopping for shoes, make sure you buy breathable shoes made from linen, leather, cotton, hemp etc.


Love your shoes like you love yourself; that should be the number rule you live by. Buy original polish kits that will suit your shoes. Don’t buy too much of colourful shoes(that could be termed as gay and not everyone can pull off colourful shoes). You can never go wrong with black and brown shoes. Wear great shoes always.


Learn what shoe fits best for an outfit or an occasion, you don’t want to be seen wearing sneakers to a really formal gathering or on a tuxedo. Like a lady that must not be caught wearing dirty under wears, keep your shoes clean and trust me, you’ll always come off as impressive.



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