Five Signs She Will Never Be Ready For You

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Women can be a bit complex sometimes and their emotions can sometimes be well hidden. You might be with a woman who does not really care a thing about your feelings and you might not know it. That is because she either doesn’t want you to go because she is getting something from you (could be money, could be sex) or because she is too nice to break your heart. The latter is never really the case.

However, if you have been waiting for so long and you are unsure about the way this woman feels for you, these few signs might help.

She is not ready and will never be ready for a relationship with you or anybody at all. – Sometimes, a woman might not be ready for a relationship with anybody at all, this means whatever reason she is not ready has to do with her not you. I know this sounds like a line a lot of people have used to get away from relationships, but it is the sincere truth. If she is taking all the time in the world to say Yes to your proposal or she seems hesitant to be your girlfriend, then know that she is not ready and probably will never be.

She is heartbroken. – Sometimes when we move on from a past relationship, our heart still needs mending. It is a different thing to be over who we were with and it is a different thing entirely to be healed and ready to be with someone else. If she seems to be stuck in the past and cant seem to let go of the hurt and pain she felt with her ex, then she might not be ready for you in a long time. If you are patient enough to let her heal, while you hold her hands and wait for her to be ready for you, then good for you. But if you know deep down that this cannot be possible, then move on.

She does not see why you cannot remain friends. Who says there is something wrong with being friends? But what if you want more than friendship? What if you want her heart and her soul and her everything and all she is offering is friendship? What if when you tell her for the thousandth time that you want her heart, she replies with, “what is wrong with being friends for now?”

It might be a good thing that she wants to take things slow and let the friendship build first but it might also be a sign that she is comfortable with being friends and nothing more.

She still loves the single life. – The parties, the fact that she does not have to explain anything to anybody, the freedom and the fun that comes with being single makes her go cuhrazy! She just simply adores this phase and it is where she wants to be for a very long time to come. No, she has not told you this, but you realize she doesn’t want to be caged and she will give anything to be free right now. If you cannot wait while she gets her groove on, then instead of hurting yourself, hoping one day she would change, then you better move on fast.

Your goals are not her goals. – Most love songs written by men always express the real reasons they love a woman, want her and don’t want to lose her. And most of them list the fact that it is because they see a future with her. So whether the song is saying, I see my future in your eyes, I see you with my babies, You will be my Mrs… it all amounts to the same thing- she is in their future.

If her goals don’t match yours and no matter how hard you have tried, she is still not fitting into it, then you should let her go and be with the one whose goals match hers while you do same or stay with her and have a painful relationship In the future. Which would still mean you would break up and be without each other anyway… so why waste all that time building what would eventually crash? Just saying.



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