Feminism: The Apex of Ignorance

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As a young girl gradually growing into a woman, it will sound a bit weird to say that I don’t believe in feminism. I know people’s eyebrows are raised and are already asking “how won’t she believe in such a thing? It’s an advantage for women to be equal with men” but I am solely and strongly against this cause. I look at these people who are so passionate about gender equality that I often end up shaking my head. Women who fight to become equal with the men in their lives are ignorant. In my opinion, I feel they do not really know what being a woman is all about.


Women weild so much power that no man; not even a president can contend with. So much happens at the influence of a woman. Women are so powerful that the growth and contuinity of the world is dependent on women. I see women as the core of human existence. We have control over so many things without even being aware of it. Have women walk by and you have some men already losing hold of their senses. Women are mesmerizing beings, smart, intelligent, have stronger will power than men and that is why at creation time, God gave women the greatest challenge to be helpers to the men. He called the man the head but the woman, a neck.


The neck is a very important part of the body and performs key roles that keep the body alive and well. The neck upholds the head; making it stand appropriately as it should. If the neck is cut off the body, the head is dead. The neck controls the speech, chewing of food, closing your mouth, facial expressions etc. The neck works with the bone of the head play the vital role of supporting the brain, sensory organs, nerves


As the neck, women perfom the job of keeping the man alive in every area; mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially. Women are so important to the home that nothing can take their place. Even when a man divorces his wife, he brings another one home. Like the neck, we are strong and that is why we can be more than one thing to our husband and kids. Women have the patience to listen even when they don’t want to. Women have softer heart and that makes us compassionate, loving; not weak. Women have the ability to turn things around positively and they are blessed with the power to create solutions to problems. Women are creators, innovators and play key roles in life. Either a mother, daughter, sister or wife, you have so much strength and that is why the men around look up to you or run to you when they need advise. Women are deep thinkers.


Feminists, to me, do not understand the extent of their might, that is why they are struggling to be equal with men who cannot stand the things we go through. Splitting the bills, having the same positions in organisations and political arenas does define equality to me. Men, try as hard as they may, can never be equal with women. Feminists are lowering their standards by trying to be equal with people we have power over.  I know people won’t admit it but women have a way of making things better. We know the right words to say and when to say them. A “woman” understands that being submissive to her husband doesn’t mean she is a slave to him. A wise woman knows that she runs the home and makes the decisions with the man think he is the one calling the shots. You don’t have to fight for the control you already have, all you have to do is understand how to put your power into use.


Women are strong and they always have a way of pulling through the toughest of situations; that’s the extent of the power that we have. Many men will freak out if they have the opportunity to be in our shoes. If men face half the things that we go through, then I can consider being equal with them. I see the men around me as being blessed to have me around them. I see myself and I see generations of greatness starting with my seeds (my children), I see myself as a channel of the world’s continuation. Even the bible says he that finds a wife (woman) has found a good thing and obtained favour from the Lord. Imagine that. We are so great that we bring favour and blessings to the men in our lives from God. Why then should I settle for less, when I am more in my creator’s eye?

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

A passionate reader, a photographer of thoughts and an ardent book collector. A nerd in love with the world built by words... www.theinkheartnlog.com


  1. While all you say is right and great, you are in some serious denial if you think we don’t need equality and Feminism is unnecessary. Do you see the plight of the woman child all over the world, do you see how girls and women are treated like second-class citizens all over the world? They are not given education, they are being given into marriage at ages as young as 9 years old with dowry as stupid as a bag of seeds, do you not hear about the rapes and killings of women all over the world? Do you not even see our blessed Nigeria and the fact that a woman that doesn’t have a male child will go to all lengths to obtain one?

    Please let us not lie to ourselves! While all the amazing things you said about a woman are true – they are intelligent, versatile, wonderful, caring, etc – they do not get the true props they deserve as they are taken for granted in most places in the world. I believe it is naive for you to believe that just because they are these amazing creatures, they are being treated the way they should be.

    Feminism is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men”. If you believe that is some kind of ignorance, then I don’t know what to say to you. Even you said “Have women walk by and you have some men already losing hold of their senses” It shouldn’t only be a woman’s allure that should be noticed about her and nothing else. What happened to her brain, her strength, her heart and everything else? Many men don’t see woman as anything else but their bedthings and that is unacceptable!

    You also state that ” Women are creators, innovators and play key roles in life” but when they are reduced to the most basic roles outside of the home, not allowed to attain to most high influence positions, how are they going to showcase their innovative strengths? I mean think about it yourself, if a woman comes forward and says she wants to be the next president of the country, how many men and women will attack her and tell her to face her home instead of trying to run the affairs of a nation?

    If you think “Splitting the bill” is what feminism is about, you have not done your research at all. And really? you don’t think having the same access to positions and power is something to aim for? Wow!

    I think I will stop here. Sorry for writing an article in the comment section but please do your research properly before you make such a comment that feminism is the apex of ignorance.

  2. So you’re saying we shouldn’t be feminists because we are better than men? Wow, those calling us feminazis and misandrists will be very confused LOL.
    It’s ok if you feel comfortable and powerful in your role imposed by society and culture, as a woman. But it’s very authoritary of you to say that all of us who were born with vaginas should feel fulfilled by being exactly the way you are, doing the things you do, liking the thinks you like.
    Maybe some women want to stay home with their kids and husbands, maybe some of them want to marry their girlfriends, others want to be executives and politics, artists and writers, academics and professors, while others want to travel the world in a backpack. But we are not 100% free to do those things, we face more difficulty than men do when we choose a path that’s not exactly what society traditionally expects of a woman.
    So like it inside your box all you want. I want to live outside the one they put me into. 😉

  3. I think this article is the apex of ignorance. The writer is still a child or is an abused soul. I’m a guy and I’m not a feminist but this writeup is just so dumb!
    Grow up before you write about feminism

  4. This topic should have been researched carefully before execution. @BlackPearl has said my mind. Feminism is beyond splitting bills. Womanhood is beyond allure and sexuality. Because of the efforts of feminists in the past, you can even have an opportunity to come out and air your opinions as you did on this platform. Feminism is not clamouring for being better than men. No, we don’t want to be better but equals.
    So please, understand feminism well before you call it the apex of ignorance because it is one of the greatest movements that has turned the world around.

  5. Lol. Females attacking another female for not agreeing with their view. While feminism is (very) important, I get where Alice is coming from. It is an interesting perspective. Feminism where females have equal rights as men, is something I strongly advocate for. Most of what is called feminism these days is not that

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