David Beckham’s Waterfront Stadium Plan Gets Rejected By The City Of Miami

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David Beckham’s bid for a Major League Soccer team has been delayed after the city of Miami rejected his plan to build a waterfront stadium. The former footballer’s business group, Beckham Miami United, wanted to build on a site next to the Miami Heat basketball arena but it issued a statement saying city officials found the proposed site as an ‘inappropriate location’.

Beckham spent the last few months exploring the creation of a soccer franchise in Miami and stressed the importance of a downtown stadium location. It’s the second waterfront site that’s been proposed by Beckham’s group to run into local resistance.

The group headed by Beckham needs to ink a stadium deal before it can win final approval for the franchise from MLS, the top professional league in the U.S. Beckham’s group has agreed to finance a $250million (£149m) stadium with seating for 20,000 and to pay rent for the stadium, which it has sought to build on public land.

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