Chris Bamidele’s Corner: Wedding Blues… Episode 2 by @Degreatest2

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wedding blues


Dayo paces back and forth in his large living room, a pensive look on his face. He has just finished trying on his tailor-made wedding suit from Harrods London which was delivered that morning. Tega is sitting on a sofa in the living room looking at him inquisitively, trying to interpret his countenance which seems pleasant but at the same time distant and anxious. He decides to ask

“Dude, I don’t understand this look on your face! You are getting married in the next four days to one of the most amazing women I know, and your face is this way? What is the problem?”

Dayo sighs, moves towards the bar, and pours himself a drink. Raising the glass in Tega’s direction, he offers.

“You care for?”

“Dayo, I will pass for now, just tell me what the problem is, and don’t tell me it’s the pre-wedding stress, because I have taken care of everything on your behalf. The only thing left is your bachelor party, and I will be done with arrangements for that this evening”

“Oh that! It’s still holding on Friday right?”

“Yes, of course! And since your bride’s family has decided to hold the traditional engagement ceremony on Thursday, Friday is the only day available for us to celebrate your last night of freedom” he says enthusiastically, stressing the ‘freedom’.

“Hmmm. My last night of freedom, right?”

“Yes, or what do you think a bachelor party is all about? We enjoy ourselves till we drop!”

“No, we won’t. The next day is my wedding day, and I can’t afford to snooze at the ceremony”

“Oh ok. But we will still have some fun with or without your permission. Now, back to my initial question; what is wrong with you?” Tega asks sounding genuinely concerned.

“Tega, you will not understand, you are not in my shoes” Dayo replies casually as he pours himself another round of drink.

“Oh! I would love to be in your shoes. Dude, look at you! You are wearing Louis Vuitton Manhattan Richelieu Alligator Leather Lace-up shoes! Which I won’t forget in a hurry cost a whopping $10,000. So guy, I would love to be in your shoes – anytime”. He says with sarcasm.

“Tega, I am not joking. I really wish I had more time before this wedding. Maybe I could have done things differently” he says as he sinks into a sofa absent mindedly.

Tega moves to the edge of the sofa, he quickly dismisses the thought that just entered his mind, and instead asks with keen interest.

“Wish you had more time before your wedding? Could have done things differently? Guy what’s happening? Does it have anything to do with Bisi?”

“Hmmmmm… maybe not everything, but definitely something to do with her”

Tega has a vivid flashback of the last time he was with Bisi, in his Toyota Tundra at the bridal shower. Did someone see them and tell Dayo? Is their well-kept secret out in the open? They have so far been successfully keeping the affair secret. They started one rainy night, three months ago when she was unable to drive herself home after she had too much to drink at her boss’ send forth party organized by her office at the Eko Hotel and Suites. Dayo was out of town on a business trip and Tega was just finishing a business meeting at the same venue that evening, when he saw her at the car park leaning on the steering wheel, and he offered to drive her home.

Tega prays silently that Dayo has not found out about them

“I don’t understand you. Is she seeing someone else or what?”

“That is what I cannot say for sure…” Tega heaved a sigh of relief. Thankfully Dayo doesn’t know anything yet, he is only suspecting.

Dayo continues “But I have a strong feeling that she is seeing someone else. Though I am not certain who this person is, neither do I have any proof.

“Oh! Thank you Jesus” Tega murmurs under his breath. “But Dayo, if you don’t have any proof, then why would do you think she is seeing someone else?”

“Well, three months ago, Bisi stopped being intimate with me, she claimed she wanted us to move closer to God especially as our wedding was approaching. She started saying some spiritual things about the danger of sex before marriage and all that. But when I reminded her that we’ve been intimate since we started dating, she said it was a time of ignorance, and God has forgiven us for that. She stressed that we needed to be holy and not reeking of immorality when we kneel at the altar of God. She simply went spiritual on me. Now, the problem is I am in serious doubt about everything”

“But why would you be? I think your fiancée is towing the right path, there is nothing as good as a woman who knows her God and tries to get closer to Him”

“Maybe Tega, but I have been sleeping with someone else on the side since then, I want to stop but I just can’t”

“Wow! This is huge… Why can’t you stop? Are you being blackmailed?”

“I can’t tell you Tega, but blackmail? I am not sure…” his phone rings, and breaks into their conversation. He picks at the second ring.

Dayo: “Hey, wadup?”

Woman: “I am waiting at the same hotel, how long will it take you to get here?”

Dayo: “Babe, I am nowhere close, can’t we see some other time?”

Woman: “Sweetheart, stop lying! We have 4 more days together, and you are going to spend those days with me! You’ll be free afterwards or do you need some motivation to come over?

Dayo: “Chai! You are not making things easy for us, you know that right?

Woman: Don’t worry, I am travelling immediately after your wedding, and maybe out of sight would be out of mind, and we both will move on. Besides, I want you to fully concentrate on your wife; you will need a lot of concentration to satisfy her. So, don’t keep me waiting dearie”

Dayo: I will be there soon.” He drops the phone.

“You are not helping yourself, it is 4 days to your wedding and you are seeing someone else! What if your wife-to-be finds out?” Tega asks with disgust in his voice.

“Tega, you will not understand, but I prefer things the way they are, because everything will end soon” he disappears into the room as he takes off his suit, shirts and shoes.


Dayo gets to the Eko Hotel and Suites, parks his car, heads for the pedestrian gate, exits and crosses the road into Oko-Awo close before boarding a cab that has been waiting for him.

At the hotel room door, he knocks softly before opening it. He smiles softly as the sublime fragrance from the luminous double-rose flowers in the room mixed with the scent of her bodily aroma hits his face. He enjoys sleeping with this woman; she has taught him a lot of tricks in bed since they started their illicit and forbidden affair.

They were both having a normal gist about an article she read few week back on, written by one Chris Bamidele, and titled “LADIES, THESE THINGS DESTROY OUR EGOS DURING SEX. STOPEEET!” She thought those things were funny and casually asked Dayo how he would feel if a woman did any of those things to him in bed. Dayo inadvertently told her what his fiancée does to him to deflate his ego during sex, and that was how it all started. She offered to show Dayo how a real woman treats her man in bed, and she succeeded in pumping up his ego time and time again unlike whenever he was intimate with his fiancée. Dayo felt terrible about what he started that evening and he still feels same way today, but this woman knows how to pleasure him and make him feel like a hunk, unlike his fiancée who would always appear not satisfied in bed, and thereby deflating his ego continuously until she went spiritual on him 3 months ago. But before Bisi she did, Dayo was in a place where he almost doubted himself as a real man, he wondered if he could ever satisfy a woman in bed due to the size of his manhood. And Bisi was not helping him as she wouldn’t mind him watching as she uses a dildo to pleasure herself to orgasm after each love-making session with him, and he wasn’t always happy about it. But she would pleadingly ask him to understand, as using a dildo to pleasure herself for him was way better than her cheating on him. And she assured him that he would get better with time and especially after marriage. But all that was before he started having the ‘forbidden sex’ with this woman.

“Hey Oko Iyawo, are you just going to stand there looking at me? Or you will come here and let me make you feel like a real man that you are” she picks her words one after the other as she motions him to herself.

“Babe, are we going to be able to stop this? It is 4 days to my wedding, what are we going to do?”

“Don’t we have an exit plan? I promised to stop having sex with you once you say your vow to my sister. I don’t like her, but I still want you to concentrate on your wife, but that only happens in 4 days’ time…” she kisses his chin lovingly as he drags him into bed with her.

He kisses her back hungrily as he struggles to unbutton his shirt and step out of his trousers at the same time “Baby, is this the goodbye sex… the final one…?” he gasps as she covers one of his nipples with her lips, nibbling at it.

“No, this isn’t the final one. My sister has decided not to make me her maid of honour, so after dressing up, I’ll have some free time to sneak out to your hotel room for a mind-blowing quickie to energize you for the day”

“Bola, you are such… A. Naughty. Girl…” he lets out a soft moan as she goes down on him, performing fellatio.

Christopher Bamidele

Christopher Bamidele

Chris Bamidele is a passionate and unapologetic Nigerian; an amateur writer and aspiring TV director who holds a first degree in Mass Communication, but majored in Radio and TV Broadcasting. He is cool headed, a realist, and an optimist to the core. Chris Bamidele blogs African stories on and tweets @degreatest2. He currently lives in Lagos.


  1. Sigh! I see what you mean about faithless men as well. Everyone in this story is just hecka shady! God protect us from our supposed family members and friends! Hmm…

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