Chris Bamidele’s Corner: Wedding Blues… Episode 1 by @Degreatest2

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wedding blues




Bisi checks herself out in the full length leaning mirror for the umpteenth time, she looks good and she knows it. It is her bridal shower this evening, and one full week to her wedding day; the day she will be getting married finally. Though she is not sure if it is the right decision, but she is gradually approaching the dreaded age of 30, which according to her best friend Jasmine, is the age when women rush down the fertility hill like Olympic sprinters; because men age like wine, and women like milk. She takes another good look at herself as she puts the final touches to her make-up. Dressed in an emerald green strapless mermaid shaped gown, the low-cut bodice emphasizes her round shoulders, her slim waist, and her high well-endowed breasts that were almost spilling out of the dress. “Hmmm, I am too cute and sexy sha she says to herself as she takes a selfie with her iPhone 5s to send to Dayo, but on a second thought, she sends it to Jasmine, her bestie. Dayo had seeing her wear such strapless dresses before and he never liked them because to him, they are too seductive and “they show too much of what I am going to eventually pay for” he would say to her whenever she wore them. She smiles as she thinks about Dayo, her boyfriend of two years…

Dayo is courteous, gracious, and having a sophisticated charm – almost all the time. He is a dream husband, plucked straight out of Hollywood, and with a managerial position in the family business, he is a guy every lady would love to date. Bisi met him in 2012 when she was a fresh employee and marketer at her former bank, where she was given a target of bringing in 20Million Naira worth of account before her employment could be confirmed. She needed the job and the only option for her was to raise the deposits by any means available even if she had to raise it by pointing guns at people’s head. But she didn’t have to go that far, she had a different kind of weapon and she knew how well to use it; she is a kind of woman anyone would describe as feisty, bold, and enthusiastic; and with a body to die and kill for. She oozed everything sexy in superlatives, and she used everything she had to her advantage. But when one of her old friends gave her the contact of a supposedly rich guy in her church on the island, and she was still about 5Million naira short of her target after eleven different men had gotten into her pant; she knew she couldn’t afford to stop or slow down until she reached her 20Million Naira target, or else all her efforts would go down the drain. She told herself she would try once more even if she was feeling disgusted already. She liked fine boys, and she would always tell Jasmine back then in school that she was created for only fine boys, as they always make her knees go weak. But she felt she had endured enough with ugly young guys and pot-bellied stinking old men just to meet her target and get a permanent job with her bank.

“This dude had better be as fine as my friend said he is; but if he is not, he will be the last rich ugly monkey I will sleep with in my entire life, I simply will have to close my eyes like the other times and go through this” she told herself as she alighted in front of the sprawling building in Lekki where Dayo’s office was located. Her friend didn’t give her much information about him other than his phone number and the fact that he is from a rich home, a cool dude, and kept to himself a lot. After the formalities with the security guards and the receptionist, she was finally ushered in to see him. And as soon as she entered his office and he offered her a seat, her chest began to thump and she forgot all that she had composed to tell him about the banking services. Dayo was too handsome to be true, she felt stupid as she ogled at his well-proportioned and imposing appearance suggestive of health, wealth and strength. He is in his early 30’s with an attractive dimpled chin, close-cropped hair, pale blue eyes and a gentle, gap-toothed smile. Bisi was already falling for this guy without him saying a word and she knew it, but Dayo just maintained the smile on his face, kept their discussion professional, didn’t ask for sex or try to come over to her side of the table, while she struggled all through to concentrate. But after that meeting, there was another one, a couple of dates and dinners; and now, their wedding is one week away.

“I am such a lucky girl, I only wish…” the sound of the hotel room’s intercom breaks into her reverie. She picks the receiver and spoke to the person on the other end.

“Let her come in please” she drops the receiver, smiling softly as she checks her wristwatch, time is 10:15pm.

Jasmine knocks and comes in; Bisi gets up and does a spin, showing off her gown.

“Isn’t this lovely?” she asks enthusiastically

“Yes it is dear, you sure want to knock all of us out this night” Jasmine responded while taking pictures with her blackberry.

“You are not looking bad yourself as my bestie and my Maid of Honour. But you still haven’t told me what you guys have in store for me for this bridal shower thing; you just kidnapped me and kept me in this hotel room for me to get prepared for a great evening” she asks feigning sadness.

Jasmine touches her cheeks “Don’t look sad now dear, come on, it’s your day…” Bisi shrugs nonchalantly.

“Ok, I will tell you, we have booked the karaoke bar in this club and we will have it all to ourselves tonight. And coupled with other great activities which will go down, we all are going to sing ourselves hoarse and probably get drunk, then have a hangover of life in the morning”

“Awwnnn! I love me some karaoke, though I thought we were going somewhere away from here. But I am probably overdressed for karaoke joh, let me change into something more suitable”.

“No, don’t change to any other thing, it is your day, and you are allowed to over shadow everybody. Anyway, I actually came to fetch you, the girls are gathered including your sister and we have chosen songs already. Trust me, I know the songs you would like, so don’t worry, let’s just go” Jasmine said as she drags her out of the room.

Bisi is so excited and seeing so many familiar faces showing her love on her bridal shower, and her friends dedicating songs after songs to her is overwhelming. After her kid sister, Bola sang “On The Ride” by Aly and AJ; Bisi drowns herself in more liquor rendering her momentarily incapable of remembering anyone’s name or face. She is enjoying the night and she was ready for any kind of raunchy fun, the last one maybe until she marries Dayo whose style is a bit conservative, but still lusciously romantic. A soft male voice comes on the loudspeaker, serenading the bar with Luther Vandross’ “Keeping My faith In You”. Bisi turns towards the singer, she tries to pick his face in the dimly lit bar, she is not aware that Jasmine had invited a male guest to her bridal shower. She turns to Jasmine, giving her a strong inquisitive look, but Jasmine looks just as confused because she didn’t invite any male guest, but here is Dayo’s best friend and would-be best man, Tega who suddenly appeared in the karaoke bar and singing Bisi’s favourite song. He soon ends the song to a thunderous applause from all the girls, before announcing that the song is dedicated to Bisi as she prepares to start a journey into forever with her sweetheart. He makes to step out of the bar which is now a bit illuminated, he flashes a knowing and a little mischievous debonair smile towards Bisi as he waves goodbye to all the girls. Bisi picks her phone and sends a text, “Where are you criminal” she waits as the response comes in almost immediately. “I am inside a grey Toyota Tundra across the street” Bisi tells Jasmine to watch her drink while she uses the bathroom.


Bisi’s succulent breasts are spilling into Tega’s face as she coyly places her hands to cover her nipples; they’re cold and perky as the AC in the car runs full blast. She arches her back against the steering wheel, thrusting her body forward as Tega works his tongue down her thigh and all over her half-clad body. He leans forward from the seat and kisses her neck; she throws her head back, smiles and takes her hands off her breasts and moves it along his thigh as she gropes inside his pant trying to bring out his manhood. She whispers “I wish…”

“You wish what…” he coos softly in her ear

“I wish Dayo was this good and endowed”

“You can wish for more; you can have it all” he says without taking his tongue away from her earlobe”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t worry” he says as he shifts her panties to one side, and slides in.

The next moment, they’re both making hot, frenzied love.


Christopher Bamidele

Christopher Bamidele

Chris Bamidele is a passionate and unapologetic Nigerian; an amateur writer and aspiring TV director who holds a first degree in Mass Communication, but majored in Radio and TV Broadcasting. He is cool headed, a realist, and an optimist to the core. Chris Bamidele blogs African stories on and tweets @degreatest2. He currently lives in Lagos.


  1. Seriously! Mr Chris. Why do you like to write about these horrible faithless women? Do you need to talk about it?
    Great story already though, I want to see where it goes!

  2. Hmmmmm. BlackPearl, is this story really about faithless women? let’s see how it goes. But truth is, there are faithless men and women everywhere we turn these days.

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