Chinese Firemen Stop Suicidal Man From Jumping by Using Water Cannon [Photo]

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Firemen in China used a high-pressure water hose to stop a man who was attempting to commit suicide from leaping from a tall building.

Jun Lo, was depressed and seeking to end his life in Qingdao city in Shandong province.

But the high pressure jet forced him literally back through the window.

The man sat on a windowsill for two hours, speaking of failed relationships, his unhappiness in his job his rotten job and his fears for the future.

But he would not get back inside.

A police spokesman said: ‘He began to grow ever more agitated and we feared he was moving inexorably towards taking his own life.

‘At one point he took of some clothes and set fire to them, throwing them from the building.

‘The firemen below had set up a net to try to catch him but in the end decided to deploy the water cannon on him.

The high pressure jet worked – it literally forced him back through the window where officers were able to grab and subdue him.

‘The man has been taken to a psychiatric hospital.

‘He had some love relationship problems and staged this would-be suicide show to vent out his depression.’




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