Cheryl Cole Explains The Giant Rose Tattoo On Her Butt [Photo]

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Cheryl Cole revealed her new big ass tattoo was part of  to-do list she compiled after contracting a life-threatening disease. And she has also disclosed that the elaborate tattoo cost her as much as a small car.

Miss Cole, 30, said she drew up the list after recovering from malaria following a trip to Tanzania in 2010.
‘After I had malaria I created a ‘****-it list’ because life’s too short and the tattoo was on the list,’ she explained. She spent a reported 15 hours with US celebrity tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado, who is believed to charge £250 an hour, putting the overall cost at £3,750.
Asked about how much she spent on the design, Miss Cole said: ‘He’s an exceptional artist and he was worth it. It was in the £1,000s, probably the cost of a small car.’
The former Girls Aloud singer first revealed a picture of her tattoo during the band’s reunion tour last year.



It received mixed reviews on Twitter, with many questioning whether such an obtrusive design could be real. Here is a complete photo of the tattooed butt

Cheryl butt



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