Celebrities, Family Plead With TMZ To Remove Comedian Tracy Morgan Crash Video

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Daughter of comedian Ardie Fuqua, who was injured in the accident that also left Tracy Morgan in ICU, is pleading with TMZ to remove the video of the accident.

“I need help to get TMZ to remove the video of the accident that shows my dad being pulled from the truck and laid down to the side,” Fuqua’s daughter, Krizya, posted on Instagram. “This something no one should ever see, it’s hurtful and distasteful.”

In a post on the social networking site, she added, “This is hurting my heart so bad that this video is posted for all to see. No one should see my father this way … Enough is enough. Please TMZ remove this video.”

Louis C.K. quickly jumped in to help, tweeting on Tuesday night, “Take it down TMZ. Now. Please.”

Other comedians like Judd Apatow, Dax Shepard, and Aziz Ansari also joined the plea.

The video however, is still live on TMZ.



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