#Brazl2014: Fernando Torres Slams Spain Old Age Comments – “We Are Better Than We Were In 2010”

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Spain’s 5-1 thrashing at the hands of the Netherlands has revived comments that Vicente Del Bosque’s side has aged, but Fernando Torres believes the team is better for it.

Speaking ahead of Spain’s second Group B fixture against Chile on Wednesday, Torres said the team in Brazil was an improvement on the side that took to the field four years ago.

“We are the same as we were a week ago, or four years ago. The team has matured with age,” Torres told FIFA.com .

“There is nothing to say that the team is worse, I would say it is a lot better.

“Psychologically we are prepared. We need to look at Chile and analyse them.

“Mentally I think the team is prepared for a situation like this. This group has gone through very good and very bad moments together.

“We know what we are capable of and I don’t think the psychological factor will be a problem.”

Torres added: “There is no reason to change our system. In South Africa we lost the first game and we kept doing the same and were champions.

“We have to think that this team still has a lot of football ahead of it to achieve things once more.”

“There will be a lot of people that believe in this team, that we have seen lift us up in similar situations and that will be with us.”

Defeat to Chile would spell the end of Spain’s quest to retain the world title if the Netherlands also beat Australia in the other Group B game.



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