#Brazil2014: Van Gaal Claims FIFA Is Favoring Brazil With “Tricks”

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Dutch coach Louis Van Gaal has accused FIFA of giving hosts Brazil an edge by playing tricks with the World Cup schedule.

Van Gaal called it “ridiculous” that Brazil, who had their two previous Group A games before the Netherlands in Group B, would now play after his team face Chile on Monday.

He was concerned that Brazil would have an advantage because by the time they play Cameroon, a few hours later, they will know where the Netherlands have finished in Group B.

“FIFA after every match they have this publicity round, ‘Fair Play’ and things like that. Then FIFA plays these tricks — it’s not good, of course,” said Van Gaal.

The top team from Group A, currently led by Brazil, will face the second-placed side in Group B, and vice versa, in next week’s last-16 knock-out round.



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