#Brazil2014: Clint Dempsey To Release Rap Album After World Cup

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USA captain Clint Dempsey has revealed he has a rap album waiting to be released after the World Cup.

Dempsey recorded the 13-track album titled The Redux in Los Angeles 2 weeks to the start of the World Cup.

Dempsey told Wall Street Journal, “We just were having fun with it and it ended up being an album.”

Fellow rapper Mike Chehade said of Dempsey’s rapping skills: “He’ll just call you sometimes and start free-styling – he doesn’t even say hello I’m not saying he’s Eminem, but he’s definitely qualified.”

The album talks about Dempsey’s journey from rags to riches, being ‘Captain America’ and scoring goals or, as he refers to it, ‘banging Gs’.



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