Beyonce And Jay Z’s On The Run Tour Will Be One Of The Most Successful Of All Time

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Some days ago, it was all over the net that jay and bey’s tour would be a huge flop as the ticket sales were slow. Well, Forbes has better news for us.

The tour is on track to sell 1 million tickets, which would result in around $100 million in grosses. That figure isn’t all that gigantic, comparatively, as U2, The Rolling Stones and Madonna are among the artists who’ve crossed the $400 million mark. But those numbers don’t factor in how those grosses compare to the amount of concerts per tour. When calculated under the rubric of how much each individual tour date earns, Jay and Bey are slated to embark on the second highest-grossing tour in history because On the Run comprises 20 shows — compared, for example, to U2’s 100, Roger Waters’ 219 and The Police’s 156 — the tour will gross about $5 million per show. That figure is second only to U2’s 360 Tour, which promoted the group’s 2009 album, “No Line on the Horizon,” and earned nearly $7 million per show.

The Forbes’ forecast must be a relief for jay and bey and even their fans.

Highest-Grossing Tours

U2 – 360 736,421,584 110 6,694,742
Beyonce and Jay Z – On the Run 100,000,000 20 5,000,000
Madonna – Sticky & Sweet 407,713,266 85 4,796,627
The Rolling Stones – Bigger Bang 558,255,254 114 3,876,773
U2 – Vertigo 389,047,636 131 2,969,829
Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball 314,000,000 112 2,803,571
AC/DC – Black Ice 441,713,636 167 2,644,992
The Police – Reunion 358,825,665 124 2,580,645
The Rolling Stones – Voodoo Lounge 320,000,000 156 2,300,165
Roger Waters – The Wall 458,673,798 219 2,094,401


All of the above figures come from Forbes.

Culled from huffingtonpost

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