BET Awards: The Crazy Things Host, Chris Rock Said

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Chris Rock not boycotting Oscars

Chris Rock showed he has lost none of his edge after hosting the BET Awards last night with exceptional monologues. The actor whose famous stand up comedy shows are usually focused on light-hearted banter concerning racial issues made most of the night doing just that.

Chris Rock

He started off by mocking infamous Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling during his BET Awards monologue on Sunday. The comic and actor ripped into the billionaire during his spectacular opening at the city’s Nokia Theatre, making a slavery joke by claiming the first black person that Donald Sterling met was given to him as a festive gift, insinuating that Sterling is centuries old.

Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling pictured with his wife at a different event

Rock said: ‘Let me get this straight an 83-year-old white man doesn’t like black people. Is that news?

‘First of all a black man couldn’t look him in the eye til he was 45.

‘The first black man he ever met he got for Christmas.

He then joked about the recorded telephone exchange with V. Stiviano that landed him in hot water, where he told her not to bring black people to Clippers games.

Rock said: ‘What exactly did Donald Sterling say? “I dont want my woman around black basketball players.” Me either! Are you kidding me?

‘I don’t care if my woman’s with J. J. Redick, Mike Dunleavy, David Lee, (all white players) but if I see you with Serge Ibaka we gotta talk.’

‘Who in the hell wants their woman around black basketball players and I’m specific about black ball players.

He then took a potshot at multibillionaire Oprah Winfrey, poking fun at her performance in movie, The Butler, for which she was up for a best actress award at the show.

Oprah Winfrey

Chris said: ‘Opera Winfrey should have got an Oscar, cos that acting job was amazing cos she had to act like she was poor.

‘There was one scene she was staring at a pot of food for her man. You know they had to get specialists to help her with that.

‘(They) Had to show her what a spatula was, she thought it was a money flipper. You turn your money over when its right.’

The Grown Up 2 star kept the theme going when he claimed the only reason Scandal is a hit is because it features a white president.


He said: ‘A lot of people think Scandal is a hit because of Kerry, and she’s great in it.

‘But the real reason its a hit is that every Thursday at 10 o’clock there’s a white president.

‘White people get to tune in and feel good. For just one hour its back to normal.’

He was also quick to make fun of Solange Knowle’s attack on her brother-in-law Jay Z earlier this year.

He said: ‘She hit Blueprint 3 Jay Z, if she hit Reasonable Doubt Jay Z that elevator would’ve been filled up with nothing but lipstick, blood and weave.’

The actor also playfully jabbed at fellow funnyman Kevin Hart’s silver screen proficiency, claiming he was ‘in everything.’

He added: ‘In Maleficent with Angelina Jolie he was playing a bush. In Transformers he turned into a Prius.’

And the old pro made sure he tapped into the current soccer craze, saying the event was ‘the black World Cup.’

He added: ‘Tonight we celebrate black excellence in the world of entertainment. Tonight you’ll see something you never see, your gonna see black artists getting credit for something they create.’

Later the funnyman starred in a Jay Leno-style Jaywalking section, in which he spoke to white people at a rodeo, with their ridiculous answers to his questions about BET and the entertainers being honored raised guffaws aplenty from the audience.

One man told him Eminem should be up for the best hip-hop artist, while another thought NWA stood for National White Association, the latter prompting Chris to joke she was ‘pretty close.’

He was also not afraid to poke fun at people in the crowd, telling Paris Hilton she was ‘getting your Kardashian on tonight’ after she wore a revealing dress to the show.


Chris also had fun with his introductions, raising plenty of laughs after saying, ‘Our next performer is married to a sports illustrated swimsuit model. Thank God for piano lessons, give it up for John Legend.’

Far more cuttingly, he introduced Chris Brown-by saying: ‘I want you to please welcome this next man, he just signed a new deal. Too bad it was a plea deal.’ taking a jab at Chris Brown’s jail troubles.

One of the stand out performers was Jennifer Hudson, who looked spectacular in a tight leather dress.

She had the crowd on their feet as she delivered a stand out turn, and at one point was even dirty dancing with a topless male backing dancer.

The clearly impressed host told the crowd: ‘She was great looking, she’s great looking now. Honestly, shes always been great looking. And one thing she didn’t lose at WeightWatchers was her voice.’

A surprise celebrity making an appearance was Daniel Sturridge, who presented the best male pop star award with NFL star DeSean Jackson and German-American acting star Boris Kodjoe.

While the latter talked up the World Cup, the former joked the ‘real football is still in off season.’

Liverpool star Daniel, who struggled to get his line out, just about managed to avoid a spectacular own goal when he said: ‘DeSean, we’ve been kicking football around internationally for years baby boy. You know we invented the game, that’s how it goes.

When the pair started to mock squabble Boris cut them both down to size, saying, ‘Fellas relax OK, international football, American football, you both play with balls.’

Chris then lampooned Ellen DeGeneres Oscar gimmick of handing out pizza to the A-listers at the event.

He said: ‘You know what this is the BET Awards, you can’t just give out pizza to a bunch of black people in the middle of a show.

So I thought it would be appropriate to give out some Roscoe’s chicken and waffles for the BET Awards. So lets pass around some Roscoes.’



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