Beauty Tips With Dunni: My Favorite DIY Facials

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Happy Monday Guys!!! Last week I shared some of the necessary steps for radiant skin. This week I am sharing with you guys my favorite DIY(Do-It-Yourself) facials.


Honey & lemon: This is the most useful of all 3. Lemon exfoliates and brightens your skin, while honey is a great moisturiser,  antibiotic, and heals the skin

Method: Ensure the honey(organic) & lemon are equal in quantity, preferable 2 tablespoons. Mix until it is thoroughly combined, apply all over face. Leave for 15-25 minutes, then wash off with warm water.


Egg facial: I usually do this when I want to feel good with myself. Egg white basically helps tighten your skin pores and is the cheapest way I know to remove whiteheads. People have even likened it to a temporary face lift. This facial helps your face feel a lot fresher. It has short term value.

Method: You break the egg into a bowl, then you separate the egg white from the yolk. Beat the egg white until it changes form(becomes frothy). Apply the egg white onto your face, leave for about 15-30minutes, then wash off with  warm water. You could go a step further and do the same for the yolk, but most times I stick to just the egg white.


Sugar,milk & Aloe vera:(This method is most suitable for those with dry skin)

Aloe vera is the major ingredient here and it is a great moisturiser. It contains a large amount of Auxins & Gibberellin which provide wound healing and stimulate the growth of new cells respectively. I haven’t particularly used this for myself, because I have an oily skin(basically my T-zone) but my older sister used it for a while and it worked very well for her.

Method: First you mix your honey(preferably organic) with your milk, until the mixture is not grainy. Then you squeeze the gel from the aloe vera into the milk & sugar solution and mix until it is relatively smooth. After which, you apply on your face. Leave for about 10minutes and then wash off.


Before you do any of this, ensure that your hands are clean, the bowl and any other mixing instrument is germ free and most importantly, make sure your face is make-up free.

Feel free to leave any questions and additions in the comment box.

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  1. i am light but i have black spots in my back. i have tried all kinds of cream all to no avail. currently i use fade out moisturizing cream. it make me lighter a bit bit does not cure the problem.

    1. Hi Christy, I apologize for the late response. Your back is a very delicate area, so I advise you see a dermatologist. The fade out cream would only make your skin tone more uneven thereby making the black spots more obvious, it is best you stop applying that.
      The black spots could be as a result of many things. For now, I advise you make sure you are not reacting to any of the skin care products you are using, you sterilize your sponge regularly,and maintain a very healthy diet.
      Please see a dermatologist, and keep me posted.
      Thank you for reading

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