Beauty Tips With Dunni: Hair Secrets

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Every time I take my weave out, and I have my natural hair on, I get a lot of questions, remarks and compliments. I hear things like: “Omg! Is that your real hair? Does your mum have long hair What hair products do you use? Have you tried this hair product? How often do you relax your hair? What is your hair secret?”

…..because I love you guys, I will be answering all of these questions, and sharing basic tips for long healthy hair.


I do not have virgin hair. My mum relaxed my hair when I was about 7 years old, and ever since then I relax my hair at least twice every month. Most of things I am going to share with you guys, I learnt from my mum. The other stuff I basically picked from the internet, hair stylists, and friends 🙂

1)Do not be a ‘hair product Ho’

If your current hair product is not doing any damage to your scalp, or stunting hair growth you should stick to it. Stop trying different products for no reason. Don’t pick up a brand because you saw some girl use it at the salon or because it is more expensive, or because you like the advert.

2)The average number of times you should relax your hair is 3-4 times per year

I relax my hair once every four months, I hardly ever have my hair out when I have extensions in my hair. 4 times a year is still acceptable, but I think no one should exceed that number.

Relaxer- Dark & Lovely Regular Kit(I have heard very good testimonies relating to Profectiv, I have no experience with it though)

3)Your hair, and your weave do not have the same tolerance for heat, buy a heat protector and stay away from the straightener (I picked straightener because it is the most commonly used.)

I am not saying you should stay away from the straightener completely, but avoid it as much as you can. (For your hair extensions always use a heat protector)

4)A closure would save you a lot of stress.

Yes, it is expensive, but it will totally be worth every dime you spent. Closures save you a lot of stress

My big hair secret is Shea Butter, it works absolute wonders. Shea butter is a great heat protector,heals/soothes your scalp, moisturises your hair, gives it strength and lustre. The best part is, it is available everywhere, and it is ridiculously affordable. I buy mine locally from any market. Give it a try, and let me know what you think.

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My big secret is Shea Butter



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  1. Well… I had to pay attention to wat u sayin. N I can confirm dat u are right. I av a very long hair too And it looks foreign. Its embarrasin wen ladies stop me to touch it n ask d regular que: is dis ur hair? Are u a foreigner sososo. I don’t use any special treatment. Its so natural. I just relax once in 4months pack n I style it to my taste n occasion. Bt d truth is dat if u wil av hair, u will whether u use special product or not. Gudluck

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