Baby Girl Dies After She Was Left Inside A Hot Vehicle For 5 Hours By Dad

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Steven Lillie forgot his 9 months old baby where he had strapped her in her carseat inside of his closed vehicle for more than five hours while it sat in the sun. He planned to drop her off at daycare on his way to work, but completely forgot that she was even in the black Dodge pickup truck, reports the Daily Mail. By the time Steven remembered his baby was in the car, the high 80′s temperature left her unresponsive. Sadly, it was too late for his daughter to be saved.

Once he arrived at work he parked his truck in the sun, closed it up, and headed into the telemarketing office for approximately five hours or so. The report claims that a combination of the high 80′s temperatures mixed with the direct sunlight could have heated up the inside of the vehicle to over 100 degrees.

“The temperature would have been brutal,” Rockledge Police Lieutenant Donna Seyferth told the press.

When Steven discovered his unresponsive baby girl inside the back of his truck, he screamed and those inside his telemarketing office heard him and dailed 911, but it was too late for Steven’s daughter. She was rushed to the Wuesthoff hospital by Emergency responders but she was already dead.

“She’s been in the car for hours and I, I absolutely forgot about her — she’s not alive,” Steven could be heard telling a 911 operator.

Witnesses claimed that Steven collapsed after realising the effect of leaving her in the car. As of right now, no charges have been filed against Steven.



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