Asari Dokubo: “A Dog Is Now The Emir Of Kano” [PHOTO]

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Mujahid Asari Dokubo has called new Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi a dog.

Dokubo said this on his Facebook post yesterday where he wrote: “So a dog can become an Emir? Congratulation Rabi’u Kwankwaso .”

Dokubo is a strong supporter of Goodluck Jonathan’s government, which Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has repeatedly criticized.

See the accompanying photo below.

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  1. Is this lousy and idiot Asari calling the new emir? Ask him, as anybody in his generation has been as successful as the new emir?

  2. this useless boy call asari should stop calling emir dog before north will take him away.emir is an educated than ur father goodlyck.u will see how ur father Jonathan will bend and greet emir sanusi.u people south south and south east can die or go and huge transformer. emir is powerful in the north we will see how ur father Jonathan will have his way.this is just the beginning. useless people

  3. i want to asari to knows tht never 4 ever one of them bcm an emir, or common chief for thy life in history but his HRH SANUSI was the emir of kano today. we know charity begng at home, is u say ASARI pple might say criminal, trroi, rebel, some loking him as stupid. but once u say HRH OF KANO SANUSI thy might say leader by example not cuppted, trip, cultism, not drinker, ASARI Stop calling hrh dog his not PIG like U & UR FTHER GEJ.

  4. Mr. Asari you said you a Muslim and your behaviour are different from the teaching of Islam. How can you, for Allah sake call a man a dog. Forget about who is he just remembered the verses and hadith that warned us not to call our brother with any name apart from their names.have you forgotten these teaching or you have never come across them.please be humble and remain a prominent person

  5. why are these northern illiterates that can’t even spell correctly keep on posting derogatory comments? sanusi lamido and mohammed are gay.. they suck each others penis

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