App Developers in Nigeria can now publish paid apps on the Google Play Store

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Google is slowly expanding support for developers all over the world, and while devs in hundreds of countries can publish Android apps on the Google Play Store, only a small subset can charge money for them. Google has added  nine new countries today and Nigeria has been included finally , bringing the total up to 54. Here are the new additions:

Belarus (US Dollars)
Chile (Chilean Pesos)
Colombia (Colombian Pesos)
Costa Rica (Colón)
Egypt (Egyptian Pound)
Kazakhstan (US Dollars)
Kuwait (US Dollars)
Nigeria (US Dollars)
United Arab Emirates (Dirham)

To be clear, customers in these countries could already download and/or pay for Android apps on Google Play, and developers could already upload free apps, but after today they can charge for apps and in-app purchases and collect revenue from a Google Play Merchant account.


If you want in on the action, head to the Google Play Developer console and set up a Merchant account for $25 USD (or your local equivalent). This sort of expansion takes time, but at present Google is still only allowing developers to sell apps in about a third of the countries that have official access to the Play Store. Let’s hope these semi-monthly expansions get even more regular in the future.



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