African Fashion Week Geneva- Malleni Designs

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At the recently concluded African Fashion Week Geneva, Tanzanian label Malleni Designs displayed her new collection. Here are photos from the showcase. Enjoy! AFWG_Malleni Designs_01__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_02__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_03__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_04__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_05__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_06__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_07__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_08__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_09__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_10__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_11__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_12__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_13__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_14__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_15__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_16__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_17__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_18__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_19__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_20__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_21__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_22__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_23__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_24__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_25__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_26__360nobsAFWG_Malleni Designs_27__360nobs

The designer & A model
The designer & A model

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