5 Reasons You Should Love Patience Jonathan

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5 Reasons You should love Patience Jonathan

I have two replies for the questions pondering in your mind and here are my answers- Yes and No. Yes- you should love your first lady for, first, the fact that she is your First Lady and then the fact that she exhibit certain distinctive skills i shall mention below. And No- i was “settled by the government” for this. 



Patience Jonathan is as original as they come. Aside the fact that she takes pride in her heritage, she doesn’t pretend for anyone. She would rock her ichafu and george, and come and address her nation. A lot of people have suffused she returns to school to learn proper english of some sort, but she speaks what she knows and as she knows it. Ho many first ladies have taken such bold step? some of you in this position would as much as fake an accent you don’t even own. but Madame patience, sticks to her dialect and intonation which is who she is. she won’t compromise because you feel bad about it. We should learn to be original and accept who we are and not compromise because the public said you should.



I know we all feel like our first lady is a public disgrace- no dispute- but ponder on this for a while. No matter what you say about her, make test of her illiteracy and what not, whenever there is crisis and she feels the need to talk, she talks. she doesn’t get intimidated by press or public. she would come out and be who she is. She can’t be another person she’s not. As her duty as a first lady, she would still dust her shoulders, take all criticism in her stride and take the mic- thats confidence we should learn to emulate.



Her name works as a virtue for her as well. There’s no one as patient that is in the public eye. She waits, she listens, she attacks. A lot of people would either abstain or would engage in what most first ladies do- nothing.



Always in her indigenous attire, the first lady is a woman who prides herself in her regalia is also pro-living and be proud in your skin. Like history would serve us, we have had accounts of first ladies who when they assumed the title, whisked as much funds as they could to make right what is ‘’’wrong’’ on their bodies. But our Dame is big, bold and beautiful and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. (I don’t think ive ever seen her hair. Have you?)


Sense of humour

Yes our delectable first lady possesses a great sense of humor unbeknown to her. Her somewhat flaws keeps us laughing even in the face of trouble. We can always count on our first lady to crack the ice or make us cry not because of the sad situation but because if her beautiful self. All she needs to do is talk and everything is fine J


Ada Igboanugo

Ada Igboanugo

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