10 Signs He is not Into You

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Guys are complicated. It is hard to know what they think or what they are feeling mainly because they do not wear their emotions on their sleeves like women do. It is easier to decode if a girl likes you as she will show it in different ways. She will call you, text you, do stuff for you; women are just that simple but men like to “chill”. They do not want to be called thirsty or come off as weak. That does not mean when a guy is into you, you will not know. He is going to show many attributes that will make you know he adores you especially when you are both in a relationship. However it is smart to know when a guy is not into you and just with you just for the sake of being sated sexually. These are some of the signs that he’s not that into you:


– He doesn’t reply your mails or text/instant messages on time: technology has made things so easy that you can just quickly send a message to someone without stress. If he takes hours or days to reply your messages and with one line or one word reply, it is time to leave him. If you are on his mind, he will definitely reply your messages or send you one first on time.


– If he doesn’t share any information about himself, it is time to look elsewhere. With-holding personal information about himself means he doesn’t want to go too deep. The only time you guys hold hands and do all those mushy stuff is when you just finish making love. It is clear he does not want to be emotionally involved with you. That’s more or less a fling. Move on girl, he is not for you.


– Men don’t often like public display of affection but trust me, a man that is really into you will not mind kissing you, touching you in public or at least hold hands with you. He wants everybody to know you are his woman. So, it is wise to step away from any man that avoids even the slightest of touch in public or maintains a bit of distance from you. The brother doesn’t want to be seen with you or he doesn’t want his main chick to catch him with you.


– If he calls you to come over only at night, you are nothing but a booty call. What happens to chilling in the afternoon or taking you out to fancy resturants and all those romantic stuff? If you go to his place only at night and then he makes you leave early in the morning because he has to “work”, trust me you are just a bedmate to him. If he is all that into you, he will allow you stay over in his place. Run fast, the guy just want what’s between your legs.


– A dude that is into his girl will take her everywhere especially family gatherings. He wants the family and friends to know this is the woman he is going to end up with but when he gives you excuses not to go to these ocassions with him or you always find out the parties mistakenly afterwards, he is not that into you. Don’t allow him to deceive you with sweet excuses, he doesn’t see much about the relationship.


– Guys are very cunning, so cunning that they can make girls believe them especially when they are lying to keep on getting what they are getting. If a man tells you to keep your relationship a secret from public ears even from your closest friends and family members, flee from him. If you are sneaking to see him, deleting his messages or locking your phone because he asked you to, he is totally not into you. Why would he want a private affair if he doesn’t have a selfish agenda? If he’s into you, he will make it public and tell you to screw what outsiders have to say.


– If he’s not into you, he will see it as no big deal to tell you about the girl he is crushing on or the new girl at the office he will want to smash. When you are out together, he forgets whatever he is saying and clearly ogles other girls. It is best to do your heart a kind favour by running before it gets broken.


– He stands you up more times than often or comes in late. He has no regard for timing especially where you are concerned. Sometimes, he will not show up for your dates and make shallow excuses and may not apologise. These are signs that he can’t be bothered about what you feel because he is not that into you.


– Another very obvious sign he is not into you if he has never introduced you to any of his friends or ever taken you to his house. Any time you guys want to meet, he is always suggesting different hotels. He will lie that he stays with his parents or with friends that are not accomodating. He is just after that thing between your legs, nothing more. If he is into you, he won’t be scared to invite you home.


– He is always avoiding serious talks. When you bring up the topic of taking your relationship to the next level, he is always evasive and tries his best to change the topic. He never answers any of your serious questions, he is just always very quiet when it comes to serious stuff. Don’t be deceived, if you’ve been dating him for over 6 months and the only time he gets serious is when he is searching for his condom or tearing your clothes off your body, it is time to take a hike.

Alice Temitope Dako

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