Zen Magazine: Bright Colourful Chic Accessories by Daphne Oosthuizen

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Love Love this fashion editorial from Zen Magazine Africa.  Crayons, Felt pens, shoe laces never looked so good.

Zen Editor’s note:  Colourful styles, statement jewels and African inspired print pieces – handpicked by celebrity stylist Daphne Oosthuizen.  We also take a look at our contents for this month featuring loads of incredible features. Enjoy!!

Zen Magazine_May 2014_Daphne Oosthuizen_360nobs
Colours+To+Die+For+Fashion+Editorials+Zen+Magazine+April+2014.jpg2_360nobs Colours+To+Die+For+Fashion+Editorials+Zen+Magazine+April+2014.jpg3_360nobs Colours+To+Die+For+Fashion+Editorials+Zen+Magazine+April+2014.jpg4_360nobs Colours+To+Die+For+Fashion+Editorials+Zen+Magazine+April+2014.jpg5_360nobs Colours+To+Die+For+Fashion+Editorials+Zen+Magazine+April+2014.jpg6_360nobs May+Style+Guide+Zen+Magazine+Africa+2014.jpg1_360nobs May+Contents+Zen+Magazine+Africa+2014.jpg_360nobs

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