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When we have stayed with our partners for so long and we know deep down trouble is brewing and it is not about sparks or initial attraction being gone, then we know it is either of two things; either we fix what might lead to an eventual heartbreak or we leave it be and experience the heartbreak.

If the former is what you would rather do, then this article is for you.

Ditch the ego – where your other half is concerned, nothing else matters. Not your ego, not someone else and not something else. This is not the time to throw blames around and wait for him/her to call first because he/she screwed up in the first place.

Let the pride go, swallow it and let the apologies come out.

Create time for each other – sometimes, our issues stem from the fact that we never create time for the other person and we have become too busy to do the things we used to do.

When your relationship is hitting the rocks, one thing that can save it very fast is spending time together… alone.

Communication – talk, use your words and express yourself without holding back. The purpose of creating time for each other is to communicate. So once you achieve the aforementioned point, make this point happen.

Don’t hold back and let the words flow. You will be surprised the number of things that can get fixed when communication is allowed.

Be careful what comes out when you communicate – yes, communication works like magic but the thing about words coming out is that arguments might stem from some words either you or your partner utter to each other.

I am not against arguing. This is simply because If you don’t argue in some cases, things cannot get better and you cannot understand each other more.

So argue if you must but don’t use words you would regret. Don’t tell your partner you are done or “this is over” or “I want out”. Chances are that you would regret it when the storm is over a few hours later.

Make sweet, passionate love – don’t fuck or bang or screw each other. make love, slowly, without haste, let it last for as long as lovemaking does and enjoy every second of it. Let the quickies, doggies and reverse cowgirl go for now and replace it with the good old missionary style.

Let the emotions flow.

More importantly, indulge him or her in things you know they love doing and do it with them. Let them realize that you are still ready to be a team player and you don’t want to lose them. Its called reassurance and nothing beats being reassured that you are not alone.



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  1. Missionary ke?
    My husband is big with a big belly. I am skinny.
    If he lays on top, I’ll probably stop breathing.

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