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Have you said or heard your partner say any of these to you: “John makes tea for his wife and you don’t do the same for me; Janet cooks all the time for her man but you barely cook around the house… What about these questions: How come you don’t take me to nice places like John takes his girl? How come your career is not advancing like your friend? Why don’t you open the car door for me like our neighbor does for his wife?”

One of the silent killers of relationship that people don’t pay much attention to is comparing their relationship to another one. What thatcomplain does is tear your home apart little by little. When you compare your relationship to a friend’s relationship or to a previous relationship you were in, it is perceived by your partner that you either prefer to be in the shoes of your friend or want to go back to your old relationship. Just because your relationship is not where you want it, juxtaposing it is a wrong idea.

You need to understand that fingers are not equal. You might be rich and need children. Other people with children want the kind of money you have. Know that your partner is wired differently and have a unique destiny. It is demeaning to your partner when they are being asked or told to be like someone else. Therefore cut your relationship according to its size. Whenever that thought of someone else relationship is better than yours comes to mind, think again. Everyone is lacking one thing or the other. That’s just life. Embrace and be thankful for what you have.

Written By Oluwafemi Ogunjinmi

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