What Can I Do? by @SizzlePRO

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What can I do?
Don’t tell me what I can say
Sometimes words just won’t do
They’re just a waste of my day

Actions speak louder than words
But we act far less times than we have heard
That is if we even act at all
So often we fail to answer the call

The call to be responsible
The call to DO the impossible
To stand up and light a candle
So we can seek out what it is that we can do

What can I do?
It is myself I am asking
Because when evil moves
I dare not be relaxing
Telling myself there’s nothing I can do
If trouble makers are men, I am a man too

If they are doing something
Then so can I
It may be just one thing
That one thing I must try

The time for sympathy is gone
I must ask myself what can be done
Though, right now I have no answer
I shall keep on asking the question at hand sir

What can I do? What can I do? What can I do?

What can I do? What can I do? What can I do?

I refuse to be a coward
I refuse to run away
I refuse to be devoured
By the fear of the day

I must shine my little light
Not for fear of the dark
But so I can see my way
The way to do the right
To leave a mark
By doing more than I can say

I must shut my mouth
And open my mind
Doing away with all doubt
Putting all fear behind

So like me, ask yourself today
What really can I do?
What is more than words I say?
Another life, heck a thousand lives may depend on you



King is a writer and guitarist. He is an opinionated, multi talented individual with love for music and everything it concerns

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