World Economic Forum: Activities In The Capital City Will Be Shutdown

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Following the recent incident in the capital city, security forces have detained several people days before a World Economic Forum event in the capital.

Most of those held were said to be foreign, but no details were announced. Officials have ordered schools and government offices to close during the WEF event, which would be attended by the presidents of Rwanda, Senegal and Kenya as well as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

The government is under pressure to tackle widespread unrest. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said those detained on Saturday were being interrogated and had provided “useful information.”

Also, with the World Economic Forum set to hold, it has been reported that there would be a shut down of activities in Abuja for the 3 day duration of the forum. There will be neither activity nor movement, to aid security for the WEF.

Ada Igboanugo

Ada Igboanugo

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