Watch: Ndani TV Short Film FROST BITE Directed by Seun Ajayi

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Previously scheduled for release on the 29th of April, the first of the Ndani Short Film series FrostBite has been uploaded online for people to check out and i just couldn’t resist the chance to see what the film was all about seeing as Sen Ajayi was at the helm of the film.

FrostBite which stars Folu Ogunkeye and Felix Jr. Omokhoidon takes a look at how the thrills of passionate romance gets interrupted by the realities of life. While the 11+min short film could have been even shorter if some scenes didn’t make it past the editing room, FrostBite helps to show the potential Seun Ajayi has got in  putting together a decent film with great quality. Only thing that is left is to get a scriptwriter who will be able to provide a real good script.

Watch the short film below and let’s know if you understand what exactly happened there as the film ended abruptly calling on viewers to come up with different interpretations as to what exactly happened at the bery end.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

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