Watch How a Cat Saves a Boy’s Life from a Vicious Attack from a Dog

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A couple of days ago, a video went viral of a family cat that saved a little boy from being attacked by a vicious dog.

In the footage which was shot by CCTV cameras, a young boy is seen riding his bike on a driveway next to a parked car. Then a dog trots into view on the opposite side of the vehicle, and ran up to the child. Suddenly, the dog bites into the boy’s leg and drags him from his bike onto the tarmac.

Within seconds, the boy’s cat rushes towards the dog and chases it away, while the boy’s mother goes to her son. There was some injury done and the boy needed stitches but for the timely intervention of the cat, it would  have been worse.


The injuries on the boy


The boy says the cat is his hero. Her name is Tara. His parents tell NBC News that the cat followed them home when the boy was just a baby and since then has been best friends with him.

The police say the dog’s owner has surrendered the dog. It has been quarantined and sadly, will be put to sleep.


Watch the short video below:




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